Coaching Supervision

Features of Coaching Supervision

  • Creates a safe and contained space for reflective learning
  • Helps you to notice more than you usually do; to consider different perspectives and explore different interpretations of events
  • Develops your capability to reflect on yourself as Coach, your Clients and the Coaching relationship
  • Helps you develop psychological mindedness; to develop self awareness and awareness of others; to consider the causes and meanings of behaviours, thoughts and feelings
  • Draws on different theories, models and techniques of coaching and coaching supervision
  • Provides support for coaches when working with difficult issues and with anxiety
  • Provides an opportunity to develop skills, learn from others and explore ways to expand your coaching practice

My approach

As an accredited Coaching Supervisor and a facilitator of reflective learning I have experience of developing Coaches and providing individual and group supervision. My specialism is providing supervision for developing Coaches.  I appreciate the challenges faced as Coaches develop their skills and offer a blend of support, challenge, development suggestions, practical advice and professional guidance.

Coaching Signatures

Coaching Signatures™ is a development tool for coaches, used mainly in the context of coaching supervision. The Coaching Signatures Profile provides an evaluative and self-reflective psychological profile, which enables coaches to recognise and understand their most developed and natural coaching style or ‘posture’. In supervision, it can be used to help the coach tune into and use different coaching styles to different ends.
It identifies a coach’s unique Coaching Signature i.e. the way that they behave and manage the dynamics of the coaching relationships and can be used to explore and gain insight into:

  • which coaching styles and strategies are currently being used
  • the influence and consequences of their current coaching style, strategies and behaviour
  • the coaching styles and strategies likely to best suit the needs of the client
  • which styles and strategies the coach may need to develop
  • the relationship between the coach and client
  • difficulties or ‘blocks’ in the coaching relationship
  • what supervisory direction and psychological support the coach needs

The Coaching Signatures Profile helps in the coaching supervision process by enabling coaches to understand how they can become more mobile and flexible in their coaching behaviours through learning to ‘roam’ around the different coaching postures and to appreciate how their current coaching strategies are impacting on their clients. The coach thus becomes more aware and empowered to make choices and behave in a way that will improve their standard of practice, coaching ability and performance.

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